Add a touch of futurism and fascination to your interior with a Levitating Flower Pot. The Levitation Vase is suspended in mid-air and turns on itself to give a spectacular effect to your plant.

Pot de Fleur Lévitation Collection

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Discover the Magic of Levitation

Elevate your home's ambiance with our Floating Plant Pot collection, a mesmerizing blend of design, technology, and nature. These magnetic plant pots defy gravity to showcase your plants in a floating spectacle that captivates and delights.

Why Choose a Floating Plant Pot?

Not just a pot, but a statement of futuristic decor, our levitating plant pots are perfect for adding a touch of the extraordinary. With easy setup and magical appeal, they're the ideal choice for those seeking a unique home accessory.

The Science Behind the Magic

Our levitating plant pots employ advanced magnetic technology to float and gently rotate, ensuring 360-degree sunlight exposure for healthier, happier plants. It's not just decor; it's a scientific marvel for your home.

A Gift That Truly Stands Out

Looking for a unique gift ? A floating plant pot from our collection offers an unforgettable gifting experience for any plant lover or tech enthusiast. It's a gift that defies expectations and elevates any space. You can also buy science posters to complement your gift.

Explore Our Collection

Dive into our exclusive range of Floating Plant Pots available in the US, each designed to bring a slice of futurism into your home. From sleek, modern designs to more natural aesthetics, find the perfect levitating pot to match your style.

Why Shop With Us?

At Science Gifts US, we're dedicated to offering not just products, but experiences. Our floating plant pot collection is curated for quality, innovation, and style. Discover the perfect blend of beauty and technology today.
    • Unmatched quality and design
    • Innovative levitation technology
    • Perfect for gifts or personal enjoyment