Get yourself a Rocket Lamp and take your home decor to a stellar level. Our rocket-shaped lights bring a cosmic atmosphere into your home, ideal for fans of astronomy or science fiction.

Lampe Fusée Collection

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Illuminate Your Space with a Rocket Lamp

Launch into an interstellar journey from the comfort of your room with our dynamic Rocket Lamp collection. Featuring everything from the playful Children's Rocket Lamp to the elegant Industrial Rocket Lamp, our range merges unique style with scientific allure, perfect for space enthusiasts of all ages. Enhance your space-themed decor with a lamp that not only illuminates your world but also sparks dreams of cosmic adventures.

A Galaxy of Choices

Explore our impressive selection, including the iconic Apollo Rocket Lamp for moon landing admirers and the sleek Rocket Desk Lamp, ideal for space-efficient workspaces. Consider the charming Rocket Bedside Lamp for budding astronauts, perfect for sleeping under the soft glow of their very own rocket ship. With choices like the Rocket Night Lamp and Space Rocket Lamp, you can transform any room into your personal galaxy.

Designed for Dreamers

Why settle for ordinary when you can have a slice of the cosmos? Our Rocket Lamps are more than mere light sources; they are gateways to the universe, crafted to ignite imagination and curiosity. Each lamp acts as a beacon of adventure, propelling you through the stars from the comfort of your US home.
    • Diverse Range: From historic Apollo Rocket Lamps to whimsical Children's Rocket Lamps, we cater to every age and interest.
    • Quality and Design: Meticulously crafted with an eye for detail, our lamps function beautifully as both light sources and decor pieces.
    • Educational Value: Encourage curiosity about space and science with designs inspired by real space missions and celestial phenomena.

A Universe of Wonder

Delve into the beauty and mystery of the cosmos with our rocket lamps. Ideal as a gift for the space enthusiast in your life or as a delightful indulgence for yourself, these lamps promise to illuminate any space with wonder. Enhance the experience by pairing your lamp with a Galaxy Projector, transforming your home into a comprehensive celestial display. Experience the grandeur of the cosmos like never before, with every corner of your room bathed in the light of distant stars and galaxies.

Shop with Us

Don't wait for the next space mission to explore the wonders of the cosmos. With our Rocket Ship Lamp and Space Rocket Lamp, the universe is just a click away. Visit us at to find the perfect lamp to brighten your journey into the final frontier.

Why Choose Our Rocket Lamps?

Every Rocket Lamp in our collection embodies the thrill and mystery of space exploration. Designed for dreamers, scholars, and adventurers, our lamps do more than decorate—they inspire the next generation of explorers. Illuminate your path through the stars with a lamp that marries beauty, functionality, and a sprinkle of cosmic magic.