Idées expériences scientifiques à faire chez soi

10 impressive scientific experiments to try at home!

Science can be fun and fascinating, especially when you perform experiments that challenge our understanding of the world around us. In this article, we present 10 amazing science experiments that you can carry out at home. Prepare to be amazed and learn at the same time!

No. 1 – Science experiment you can do at home: The mysterious laminar water jet

Expérience Scientifique Facile Maison

Imagine a jet of water that looks almost solid, but is actually moving! By placing four pieces of tape on a balloon filled with water, you can create this amazing effect. The tape forces the water molecules to flow in the same direction, creating a laminar flow that gives theimpression that the water is solid. Try it out at home to discover this fascinating experiment.

No. 2 – Science experiment to do at home: Malachite with hydrochloric acid

Expérience Scientific

Malachite is a green semi-precious stone that owes its color to the copper it contains. The impressive thing about this stone is its reaction withhydrochloric acid. When it comes into contact with acid, the reaction is instantaneous and the stone dissolves before your very eyes. Science has never been so beautiful!

N°3 – Unusual scientific experiment: The strange reaction of mercury with aluminium

Expérience Scientifique Génial

Mercury is a liquid metal at room temperature that reacts in a very strange way with aluminium. When a few drops of mercury are placed on an aluminium surface, a reaction occurs, creating an alloy called amalgam. The resulting alloy causes the air to oxidise the aluminium, creating a strange, rough surface. Watch this experiment and discover the hidden beauty of chemistry.

N°4 – Fun science experiment: The incredible hydrophobicity of lycopod powder

Dip your hand in water covered with a thin layer of lycopod powder, a plant with hydrophobic properties, and come out completely dry! This incredible experiment shows how certain substances can repel water and protect objects from moisture. Try it out on your phone to see just how effective this powder is!

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N°5 – Interesting scientific experiment: Surprising flotation on mercury

Expérience Scientifique Simple à réaliser

Mercury has a very high density, so high that many objects float on its surface instead of sinking. Take a look at this amazing experiment in which a coin and even a small anvil float on mercury! Science always surprises us with its counter-intuitive phenomena.

N°6 Science experiment to do at home: Nitric acid with a copper coin

Nitric acid reacts spectacularly with copper coins. By pouring a few drops of acid onto a coin, a rapid reaction occurs, producing a large amount of smoke and a blue-green coloration. The reaction also releases toxic gases, so make sure you do this experiment in a well-ventilated area and wear protective gloves and goggles.

Science Experiment Idea No. 7: Magnetic levitation with superconductors

Superconductors are materials which, when cooled to extremely low temperatures, lose all electrical resistance and become powerful magnets. By using a piece of superconductor cooled with liquid nitrogen and magnets, you can create amazing magnetic levitation. Watch an object levitate into the air, defying gravity with the power of science!

N°8 Science experiment to do at home: The toothpaste elephant

Idées Expériences Scientifiques

Elephant toothpaste is a spectacular chemical reaction in which a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, soap and a catalyst, usually potassium permanganate or potassium iodide, produces a large quantity of hot foam. Not only is this experiment visually impressive, it also teaches you a lot about the kinetics of chemical reactions.

N°9 Small Science Experiment to do at home: Visible sound waves with salt and a membrane

Using salt and a vibrating membrane, like a loudspeaker covered in plastic film, you can visualise sound waves. By playing different frequencies, the salt moves and creates complex geometric patterns on the membrane, showing the different shapes that sound waves can take. This experiment is an excellent demonstration of the physics of sound waves.

N°10 Science experiment easy to do at home: Sugar crystallisation

Expérience Scientifique Naturelle

Sugar crystallisation is a fascinating process that creates sugar crystals from a saturated solution of sugar and water. By suspending a thread in the solution and leaving it to stand for several days, the sugar crystals slowly form, creating amazing geometric structures. Not only is this experiment beautiful, it also teaches important concepts in chemistry and materials science.

These 10 impressive science experiments are perfect for having fun and learning at the same time and are inspired by Dr Nozman‘s Youtube video. So don’t hesitate to try out these experiments at home and share your discoveries with your friends and family!