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Which Galaxy Projector to choose in 2023? Our top 10!

Quel Projecteur Galaxie Choisir ?

Everything you need to know before buying a galaxy projector Galaxy projectors are innovative devices that project images of space, stars and galaxies onto your ceiling or walls. They create a relaxing and fascinating atmosphere, transforming your everyday environment into a breathtaking celestial spectacle. Whether you’re an astronomy enthusiast, a lover of interior design or […]

All you need to know about Tensegrity

Tenségrité table

Tensegrity, a fascinating concept that has revolutionised our understanding of stability and flexibility in natural and man-made structures, is a contraction of the words ‘tension’ and ‘integrity’. Coined by the artist, inventor and mathematician R. Buckminster Fuller, the term “tensegrity” is a combination of the words “tensional integrity”. It describes a self-stabilising and self-correcting system […]

Gyroscope: Definition and operation

Gyroscope Définition

The gyroscope is a fascinating device that has revolutionized modern technology. From aviation to underwater navigation to smartphones, the gyroscope is a key component of many systems. In this article, we take an in-depth look at the gyroscope, how it works, its history and its many applications. Who invented the gyroscope? The gyroscope was invented […]

Top 10 scientific gift ideas to awaken children’s curiosity

Idée Cadeau Scientifique Enfant

Giving a scientific gift is like giving a journey of discovery and exploration. Scientific objects are ideal for stimulating the curiosity and imagination of children and adults alike. Here are our top 10 scientific gift ideas for children that will delight science enthusiasts and lovers of novelty. 1/ Children’s telescope: a scientific gift idea for […]

Top 10 science decorations to brighten up your home

Top 10 Décorations Scientifiques

Scientific decorations are both aesthetically pleasing and educational, bringing a touch of originality and discovery to your home. Here’s our selection of the 10 best scientific decorations for all those who love science and exploration. 1/ Illuminated globe A luminous globe is both a decorative object and an educational tool that combines aesthetics and functionality. […]

Jellyfish Lava Lamp Review

Lampe Méduse Avis

Why buy a jellyfish lamp ? A jellyfish lamp is the ideal accessory to give to a family member or friend. It’s scientifically proven that contemplating a jellyfish swimming and evolving in its natural environment or in an aquarium is a soothing, anti-stress experience. To enjoy these benefits without the constraints of a life-size aquarium, […]